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If you're a venue owner, you may have some questions about booking a larger group like us. Here are a few questions we commonly get:

Isn't a 10-piece band too big for my venue?

While we certainly don't mind performing on a spacious stage, we often are able to fit in the performance space typically used by 4-6 piece bands.


Won't 10 pieces be much too loud?

We use amplification sparingly, mostly to lift our vocalist above the ensemble, or to feature a soloist. Otherwise, we try to use organic acoustic sound as much as possible. The result is a rich live sound that is not overwhelming.


How can I afford such a large group?

You may be surprised at how affordable we are compared to groups half our size! The band is composed of seasoned musicians who enjoy the rare opportunity to perform selections outside of the usual wedding and club mix. Because we are self-managed and book directly with venues, we can provide you a big city/urban sound without breaking your entertainment budget.


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